Thursday, September 3, 2009

we moved!

we're really slacking on the posting front - but we have a great excuse. we moved!

closing went well and last week we started transitioning from apartment to house. a big, huge thank you to our family and friends who helped with the move. we appreciate you so much!

after much lifting, sweating, cleaning and packing/unpacking we are slowly, but surely, getting settled in. we still have a long way to go and some furniture shopping to do, but we love love love our house! the neighborhood is nice, our neighbors are just wonderful, welcoming us and saying hello.

olive is doing her best to get used to 'city living' and she still hasn't quite figured out the bells from the court house. earl is just now coming around after spending a few days hiding in the basement in a crawlspace we didn't even know we had. (go figure.)

and as for us, we're still finding surprises too. like the plumbing. after trying to hook up our washing machine and take showers, we quickly found out that our plumbing is just not right. imagine our shock at seeing the toilet in the half bath overflow as anyone attempted to take a shower. after several calls to our home warranty company, one plumber, and three hours of hard work, a tangled rat's nest of roots were cleared from our water lines.

stay tuned for photos of a major half bath/laundry room make-over. since the carpet in there was ruined by overflowing pipes, we're trying our hand at tiling. thank the lord for long weekends and pray that we have patience!


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