Thursday, December 31, 2009

project paint-the-walls

we're starting to get knee-deep in joint compound at the lantz household! after some minimal prep-work, we got right down to it with smearing joint compound on the walls in hopes of someday being able to paint on a smooth wall surface.

it was s-l-o-w going until we agreed that it will take a few coats, so the lumps, bumps, and other imperfections were okay. we've got the first coat applied and ready to be sanded. once the major ridges and bumps are smoothed out, we'll be on to round two of joint compound and then hopefully one last sanding will be enough to create a nice smooth, even wall surface.

as promised, i finally uploaded some photos of my thrift store dresser. it's a little rough looking now, but with some tlc it will clean up nicely. those scratches should sand right out - they look worse in the photos than they are.

and of course, i can't leave out the surprise "goodies" i found, stuffed behind the top drawer. some new and some "possibly used" baby items. socks, tights, a leopard print skirt, and a plastic diaper cover. nice.


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