Friday, August 21, 2009

box city

it's really starting to look like cardboard box city around the apartment! we've got stacks of collapsed boxes, half packed boxes, empty boxes, and taped up, heavy boxes littering every room. we keep reminding ourselves that after this move, we won't be going anywhere for a few years!

all the excitement of moving is getting to us, including earl, our cat. even if we're just packing for vacation, he seems to know that we are going somewhere and he isn't. with all the boxes i guess it's no surprise that he's getting antsy. but little did i expect what i woke up to this morning.

usually when i wake up, earl is laying on the other side of our bedroom door, as if he was waiting all night for me to get up and play. but this morning, no earl in sight. assuming that he's not hungry and decided to snuggle up in a closet, i head downstairs to exercise and start my day. about 20 minutes later vince lets olive out and she heads downstairs, without chasing earl, also not typical. so then i start to think something is really up. after doing a quick search, i start to fear the worst...we cleaned last night...what if earl drank a cleaner and crawled off to die...what if he's stuck behind the water heater in bad shape...what if someone broke in and he got out...and on. and on. and on.

my next step is to wake up vince and search our bedroom. still no earl. so then i take olive out for her morning routine. after sniffing each section of the yard, she wraps up business, and as we're about to head inside, i hear a faint, but unhappy little meow. i guess it's like mothers and their babies, because i immediately knew it was earl. i couldn't locate just where he was, but i could hear him. so i ran in, grabbed his food dish, and coaxed him out with breakfast.

somehow the little bugger got outside and spent ALL NIGHT outside! thankfully he's completely fine and he miraculously knew to sleep in the shrubs by our front door. we still have no idea when he made his escape, but somehow he did. now i'm even more sure that he'll have to be "locked up" as we move everything out!


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