Thursday, August 13, 2009

she's crafty

i'm very proud of how my gift for my friend's bridal shower turned out! each guest was given a room to help "furnish" and i was assigned the kitchen. i wasn't quite sure how i could glam up a gift for this area, but i gave it a go and i really like the end result.

here's the final package, complete with a fun and sassy bow for the ribbon bouquet she'll use at her rehearsal.

included, for the culinary delight of my favorite new mr. and mrs., are a betty crocker cookbook (a must have, if i say so myself), miscellaneous kitchen utensils off their registry, metal measuring cups (i love how these look), a metal shaker and a yellow mum in a cute and modern looking white ceramic pot (you can't really see this).

i found this sleek looking basket at our local wal-mart and i think it can be multi-functional in a bathroom, office, living room, etc. after the other items are removed. to give my 'gifts' some height, i scrunched in a bunch of grocery bags and covered those with the crinkled decorative paper used for gift wrapping. to top it off, i picked out that sassy ribbon. if only i could master tying that bow straight... but i think it adds to the charm of the gift and it certainly matches the gift giver. now i'm just excited to give this to the bride-to-be!


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