Tuesday, November 24, 2009

full bathroom makeover!

the full bathroom has finally been completed! (well, mostly. i am hemming the curtains tonight and we still need to paint or replace the light fixture. but who's noticing?)

here are the befores: notice the pastel "pepto pink", sliding glass shower doors, and oak cabinets.

and the afters: notice the new paint (every inch of the bathroom was pink. ceiling, trim, back of the door, everything!), the extended shower bar (yes, i removed the glass doors by myself!!), painted cabinets, floating shelves in the little 'nook' by the door, savannah photos from our honeymoon, and one of my favorite parts of the room - a patterned fabric detail on the cabinet that holds all our junk.

again, the room is so snug that it's difficult to get photos. it took a lot of patience, several coats of paint, some sweat, some tears, and a lot of compromise, but the room really took shape and we love it. well...vince doesn't like all the "clutter" on the shelves, but i do! the top shelf items all belonged to my great-grandma, the middle shelf shows off flowers from my bouquet, and the bottom shelf is a photo of my nephew when he was a tiny, wee thing.
and let's be real, we ladies spend waay more time in the bathroom anyway!


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