Saturday, November 21, 2009

ta-da! makeover reveal is finally here!

after almost 3 months, the laundry room and half-bath makeover is finally done!!
vince truly is the best hubby in the world - taking on tiling for the first time, hooking up the washer/dryer numerous times, and doing his best to follow through on my 'creative direction' all while working part-time and going to school full-time (and then some - architecture is demanding!).

enjoy our before and afters! we sure are. this is truly becoming my favorite room in this house with it's calming, beach-vibe. i'm ready for vacation every time i do laundry. but who isn't, right?

our carpet got ruined due to a plumbing issue about three days into living here, so the first thing we did (well, vince did) was pull up the carpet. we knew we wanted to tile this area eventually, so we started researching our options. we decided on a white, basket weave pattern with white grout. to us, this pattern matches the old feel of the house and we love how clean and crisp it looks. at least, until our four-legged 'helpers' start tracking in dirt.
of course, before we laid the tile we painted the ceiling and walls. then we added the bead board and trim. the bead board actually seems consistent with the house because it's the backing of our built-in shelving in the living room. it also lines the inside of the laundry chute, which makes us wonder what the laundry room originally looked like 100+ years ago.

we chose valspar sparkling lake in a satin finish for the walls and a valspar white satin paint for the cabinets. (i'll have to dig for the exact name later.) the jar on the dryer is actually a vase with seashells from last summer's vacation, not a jar of change. :) in addition to the paint, tile, and bead board, we added a white Roman shade to the window, painted the medicine cabinet and sink, hung a wonderful watercolor painting from our friend john, added some fun decor pieces like the shells and candles above the sink, changed the light fixtures, and adding two cabinets for cleaning supplies!!! (i should totally verify that we pretty much means vince. although i did paint and put away most of this stuff...)
the room is very small, so it's difficult to get good photos. you'll have to take our word for it that it's like a completely new space. we'll be putting the finishing touches on our full bath this weekend, so those photos should finally be up soon, too.


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