Thursday, October 1, 2009

feels like home

it's been a little over one month and we're finally starting to get settled in. things are slowly getting unpacked and the house is starting to feel like home.

clearly it didn't take long for olive to feel comfortable. i think this was week one of home ownership and she hasn't looked back on the apartment days since!

vince has school stuff all weekend so i am looking forward to some serious cleaning and unpacking this weekend, without him in the way. (sorry, vince. you just don't get why i think it's necessary to wipe down the walls and ceiling. - more to that on another day.)

my mom and i are also going to go antiquing this weekend as part of my mission to find a vanity/dressing table for our bedroom. if you have any leads - let me know. craigslist has been pretty sparse.

with that, enjoy these teasers of our dining room. while it was nicely decorated when we bought it, the style isn't ours, so the wallpaper has since been removed. this will be a long term project since the wallpaper glue will need scraped off, so don't look for updates anytime soon.


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