Wednesday, October 7, 2009

flea market finds

my mom and i had a great time antiquing this weekend! it was very windy and a little chilly, but it was some great mother-daughter time nonetheless. there were some really great finds and i had to exercise a LOT of self-restraint to keep out of the old jewelry, hats, purses, and gloves. another day....siiiiiigh.

anyhow, i did find a great solid wood, mahogany stained desk that i've converted to a vanity. i still need a mirror to get ready in the mornings, but for now our mirror rested on top will work. i love the slight curve in the design and all the drawers. traditional vanities are just not high enough for a 5'7" girl nor do they have space for all my "stuff".

i really like the old metal pulls! eventually the whole thing needs sanded down and re-stained or painted (there's some significant scratching and missing trim), but that will have to wait for a weekend with no other plans.

we also found an amazing deal on some chairs. a set of 5 for only $125. they are a beautiful wood with a great line. the current upholstering is needlepoint in excellent condition. we're likely going to find a new print, but again, this will have to wait for another weekend.

olive couldn't stand to be outside the frame, but at least you can see the line of the chair from the side. just ignore her big mug. :)

here you can see the design of the backs, and of course, a close up of the needlepoint cushions.

i love almost anything "old" and i think i'm addicted to flea markets!


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